I did another doodle for mah boy! It's the baby dragon hatchling I made in City of Heroes, Zeenith. She's an electrical/empathy corruptor and I modded her costume files to make her smaller than the slider permits.

I drew this SD Zaku for my boy on 20 July 2022. Because he loves Gundam.

Continuing the , here is a kitten on its back, in Attack Position. It's a trap!

Boy has asked for , once more. So, I will be continuing the doodles!

@kensey Hey! You're that guy! That does that thing! With that stuff that you do it with!

I need more music. I need to make more music. I need to sing. I think I should start by finding karaoke versions of songs I enjoy singing, and making my own recordings.

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Since so many people said this should be multiple choice.
What fediverse software(s) do you use, please boost for scale.

Having a chat on a fanfic discord about the submission process for a Valdemar/Velgarth anthology. My brain is stuck too firmly w/superheroes to slide into SCA-meets-Ghetto Middle Earth, currently :D

Here we go!
So put your best face on, everybody...


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