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there's been a bunch of work lately around adding fields & triggers & rules to jira.

That's a fancy way of saying managers are trying to control the cats using idealized rules that don't map onto reality and everyone who actually has to work on tickets gets to suffer as a result.

and yes, we have people in charge of administering Jira. When dealing with a SAAS product this is a sure sign of a bad choice.

after ~15yrs of ruby programming i've just discovered (rediscovered?) Array#index_with


TIL Amazon owns the .pay TLD. They WERE going to keep it for themselves but lots of people complained so they were like "fine we'll offer it to others". Their "registry" for it hasn't been touched for 6 years.

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Jeholopterus has got to be the cutest pterosaur, in my opinion:

when i load a PR on github i see a request to this:


it returns {"show_indicator":true}

wtf is it?

related to that i wrote a bash script that'll convert any 1024x1024 png into an .icns file for you to customize your icons with too.

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someone made a very pretty firefox icon. I shared it in the pride channel at work, and someone was like "OMG would totally change my icon if i could" and i was like... "You can!" but it required a few steps of prep (like making an icns file of it).


Instructions on how to replace the icon on macOS in 2nd attached image

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Textualize is hiring. Which is cool if you're into that kind-of thing (i am) but i can't figure out how they're making money to pay anyone. 🤔 (also i don't have the right background or time-zone ;) )

there's a talent show at work. Folks sent in vids of "talent" stuff. there's a section titled "kiddos" which is videos of tiny young humans doing things poorly (because children) and i don't get it.

I get the idea of "hey let's watch vids of kids being cute" but

a) this is a talent show not a "cute kids" show
b) even if they're good it's not YOUR talent. it's _theirs_

i'd complain but there's no point because they're just using some cut-rate 3rd party medical "patient gateway" software that they have no control over.

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if you click into the image you'll see a "Pay Bill" button above the form. My wife was like "you just click Pay bill". I was like "the instructions say to fill out this form!!!"

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in today's episode of WTF is wrong with allistic people i COULD NOT figure out how to pay my bill, because i kept trying to follow the instructions on the page.

turns out those instructions were only if you PRINTED the page, but

a) i'm not looking at a printout
b) there's a print button in the corner
c) css has a feature specifically for only showing print-specific stuff when printing

once upon a time Joel Spolsky co-founded Fog Creek with Anil Dash. They made some great products, and were real thought leaders in our industry.

Then they made Glitch, started focusing on it, renamed themselves Glitch, and now have been bought by Fastly.

I'm sure they're rich, but somehow i doubt they're anywhere near as cool a place to work as it used to be.

today i learned a horrible truth. Emacs indentation handling was written by a monster:

"Normally, indentation commands insert (or remove) the shortest possible series of tab and space characters so as to align to the desired column."

... er, to clarify C... they can't BOTH be "huge" either 72 is huge or 24 is huge but you're literally measuring the same thing (font size) so you can't have the same thing be 2 different sizes.

This cow? this cow is HUGE!!! 2 seconds later... This same cow is a medium cow. !"@$#>! pick a descriptor and stick with it.

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c) 72 and 24 are both designated as "huge" on these scales but if you scroll the top one left then 24 is like "medium"

d) making people feel bad for needing a "huge" font.

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Google Chrome fail

a) presuming they know what the largest font a user will need is.

b) if the user needs a 72 point font THEY NEED A 72 POINT FONT, yet the minimum can be as low as 24, which would be unreadable to that person.

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