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just checked. Apparently i recently received the power to approve / reject edits from people with low karma. Did a couple. One of them was someone just correcting capitalization from "git" to "Git" which... yeah, thanks, but also ... really?!

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i have 9,574 karma on Stack Overflow. I've been gradually approaching 10,000 for ages now and I kinda want to get it over with. Thinking i should hunt down 5 more Stack Exchange sites I haven't already signed up for just to push me over the edge.

I don't know if this gets me more privileges or not. Doesn't really matter. I rarely ever use the bonus powers I already have. Just annoyed by being so close for so long.

Another day, another employer question that's none of their damn business. New HR system has "Self-identified Gender" as a pulldown with these options.

i !#@$ hate these things. In their defense the US Govt. forces employers to report gender and _guess_ if nothing is supplied. (not kidding). If nb folks don't specify then non-binary folks get under-represented in Govt. related decisions.

Never-the-less i hate this and do not want to participate.

There was some drama at work today, which ultimately came down to the fact that different team members have a different understanding of what's acceptable, or not, to change in someone else's Pull Request (code submissions). Also, the question of what we're _expected_ to change, or not.

Do your team a favor: have a quick discussion of what type of changes are acceptable to make to someone else's work without asking. Make sure you're all working from the same understanding.

I have better things to do with my life thank you very much.

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I think i hate _everything_ about this API. Like... EVERYTHING. To the point of "fuck it, maybe I just won't write that tool"

My only realistic option is to google like a newb until i find someone who's spent hours figuring out a valid query that kinda-sorta does part of what i want and poke it with a stick until i can convince it to maybe do the rest of what I want.

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I can't decide if someone just drank way too much of the GraphQL Kool-Aid and believes that it's bazillion line auto-generated thing is useful documentation OR if they actively don't want people using the API.

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GitHub's REST API was limiting, and poorly designed, but at least it had documentation for the major features. This is what GitHub apparently thinks is acceptable documentation for their GraphQL API.

basically: "fuck it. figure it out yourself"

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i don't know why i need to say this but, when you're writing documentation, you're not writing it FOR YOU. You're writing it for the next person, or you after it's been so long that you've forgotten all the context and details.

Example from work: "Check to see if the dyno is running - turn on if not”

a) check to see if WHICH dyno is running b) HOW do i check that? c) how do i turn it on if not?

The 2 people who do know may quit, be on vaca, be sick, etc...

The more i work for other people the more i don't want to deal with other people's problems.

Got an alert from a 3rd party integration timing out. If it were me I'd automate the system to address the handling of it without humans having to be alerted. But no, business policy decisions forces us to have humans deal with it.

I'm also blocked by protobuffers refusing to do what I tell them, again.

question: Can anyone confirm or deny that "oneof" can be used in Responses?

I tried using it and the generated ruby gem ... is as if it's from the old version before i had oneof, which is VERY weird. I'd expect it to generate successfully, or blow up, but not generate the old version.

A while ago i stopped using Whalebird because every time i typed a question mark it opened up the help. I filed a bug and wandered off. Today I checked in on that bug and I'm very happy to report that THEY FIXED IT

so, now I'm using Whalebird again for mastodon on the Mac.

who use Homebrew.

I wrote a post about strategies for syncing homebrew package installs between computers. You may find it useful.

i didn't sleep last night... like, not in any meaningful way. I have up at 3:30. It's 7:00 now.

I have been "yak shaving" for 3 1/2 hours now. :/

I'm happy with the result but um... it wasn't supposed to take that long.

She's well know enough in her field that i think many potential employers will already know her history when if applies, and they'll take her (one hopes) because she's amazing, BUT if she wasn't a notable person ... maybe it'd be better to excise all those things from her resume, Which would suck.

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Discussing a project an ex coworker was in charge of. Ackwardness ensues because they're a she, but used to be a he, and there are lots of talks and articles from when they were "he" presenting.

so, i'm like "i don't want to deadname them, and I really don't want to link you to video of the old bearded them, BUTTTT that's all that i have available"

ugh. I feel bad for her really. If i were her i'd simultaneously be proud of those talks and hope that no-one watches them.

geeks: Humble Bundle has a bundle of a whole pile of Elixir books.

As i was saying to my coworkers, I was completely uninterested in learning it, but needed to for my last job.

It's GREAT. Elixir is Great. Phoenix is Great. If you're even remotely curious, go learn it. If you need to write a webapp that's going to have high load... DEFINITELY USE IT.

another discovery about midjourney. It has absolutely no concept of what a "well" is. I wasn't 100% confident in this until i asked it specifically to create an image of "a stone well"

here's what it gave me.

To its credit, they're all very pretty, even if none of them are wells.

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