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side note: guess who's just nerd-sniped themself and a has a 🧠 that's whirring with ideas and totally wants to run off and implement that but is 100% not being paid for anything even remotely, tangentially, related to that...

Nope. Today I'll be working on Invoicing code! 🎉

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Now that I think about it, I'm honestly surprised that Fossil doesn't do this already. It's the Distributed Version Control System written for and by the SQLite folks.

Very cool. Also very much a tool for them that may or may not be good for other teams.

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3. Squash & Merge PR strategy (ARRGH JUST HAVE GOOD COMMIT HYGIENE PEOPLE!) would completely screw with things and require a new commit to be auto-generated in the parallel changelog repo (because it makes the commit treeishes involved irrelevant)

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You'd still be better off if the developer was using a tool to generate better commit messages and that tool could be aware of changelog_manager usage and interactively ask you if you wanted to add a changelog to this commit.

1. would require a separate parallel repo. This would be managed by automated scripts so it wouldn't be a big deal.

2. writing a github action to check for the existence of a changelog entry would be more complicated


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1. you can associate a changelog comment with a commit after the fact (without a rebase)

2. you can edit comments without requiring a new commit to the codebase you're commenting on. there would be one to the parallel comments repo

3. I may be able to reuse major chunks of the private-comments codebase to do it

4. you could have a local web page that showed you the current changelog for any branch of the codebase. 🤔 Possible, but maybe not useful.


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a while ago i wrote an automated changelog manager - generator.

It's the only one i'm aware of that manages changelogs at the "right" level of abstraction.

Anyway. I've had ideas for a v2 bubbling in my head for a while & some of them just coalesced.

If i use the data storage model from Private Comments

then multiple cool things happen:


my left click mouse button be dying!

I have no backup that works with USB-C computers!

Emergency order from Amazon, but they don't give me an option for tomorrow!

2nd Emergency order from BestBuy because they will (for free even)!

Now i'll have a backup and not have to do emergency orders when the next one dies.

Doubly important because i use a thumb trackball which is not a commonly available mouse type.

🤔 You know, I could actually try kickstarting that. If it raises enough, I quit.

If it doesn't, I'm only out the time required to put together the kickstarter & supporting promo work.

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I could spend my days coding up new helper tools like gum

and build up an open source standard lib of common helper functions to expedite the solutions to requests when they came in.

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My Dream job:

developers pay me a retainer fee.

In exchange I provide on demand pairing services to help them automate their work via CLI utilities OR i actually write said utilities for them.

larger coding tasks, would require more $$$

Alas, I'm not convinced enough devs out there would actually want such a service, never-mind pay for it.

gotta say... i really love the 80HD "algospeek" for ADHD

80HD sounds like something cool. Dude, I just got my 80HD upgrade! Yeah bro! ;)

Also AudiHD for those of us with 80HD plus autism.

Sounds like a high-end car.

Dude, check out my new AudiHD! Yeah bro! Let's go for a spin!

If you're unfamiliar with "algospeak":

decided to put Orbital (also known as Orbital 2 or The Brown Album) by Orbital on loop for the day.

*such* a good album. You may remember it's "Halcyon and On and On" track from the intro credits sequence in Hackers.

Coworker shared the "gum" tool from the folks behind the "Charm" utilities.

What's especially cool about this is that unlike most of their other cool things, this one isn't Go specific. You can leverage it in shell scripts from bash and other languages too.

Anyone who writes little utility / convenience scripts for themself should check it out.

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This is a poll for #TRANS PEOPLE ONLY!!

Are you neurodivergent (autism, ADHD, probably others), or DEFINITELY *for sure* neurotypical?

This #poll is messy, I'm too lazy to research whether I'm being politically correct, I'm just trying to find out if NT trans people exist!

issue came up at work that required performing retries on a failed call.

coworker asked if there was a gem for that.

My initial, visceral, reaction was "DID WE LEARN NOTHING FROM LEFT PAD?!?!"

But, i kept quiet.... there. ;)

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when Terminator finally becomes reality, the bots will round us all up for safe-keeping, and then start wiping out the allistics.

Not that being "protected" by homicidal murder robots would be good, but...

Also, I have to acknowledge here that I'm not nice to Siri, but that's because Siri is fucking terrible and hasn't been improved in ANY noticeable way in the 11 years since her introduction. Useful yes, but OMG frustrating to use.

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There was this sweet video that got reposted on the autism subreddit about a woman who'd made a beautiful tiny house in her back yard for her autistic brother with, we can infer, medium to high support needs.

There was this quick comment about how they'd set up Alexa to remind him of tasks, and how he responded to her just like he responded to the sister....

Why are autistic people the only ones who are nice to the robots? Why are we the only ones who treat inanimate objects with kindness?

how to strike dread into the hearts of engineers everywhere

> We have worked on streamlining our Jira workflows in the name of quality.


a friend of ours invited a friend of theirs over. after visiting for an hour they then mentioned they'd been to a baseball game.

our friend now has covid a 2nd time (subsequent cases are more dangerous). Before baseball girl informed them she was covid+ our friend's husband and son flew out to family.

now friend + husband + son + remote family all have covid because one a-hole lied about being careful.

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