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and yes, i realize that none of you are reading my dev diaries on the new lang. that's fine. they're more for me than you anyway. Partially to keep me accountable, partially just because sometimes this stuff is useful google food for future folks. "oh, someone else had this problem too... how'd they deal with it"

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building on some recent thoughts and morning conversation with wifey.

i'm finding it hard to fully internalize the idea that no-one cares about any of the useful command line utility scripts i've written or the quality of life CLI discoveries i make.

Like i wanna be "ooh ooh, check this out" but a) no-one cares b) even if they do make polite mouth noises they'll never _use_ any of it.

dev diary update last night: in which our intrepid hero utterly fails to write a Language Target for Antlr and wanders off in search of other solutions.

... maybe i should put a tl;dr like that at the top of each one. 🤔

Here's where I ended up with for re-theming things.

still iterating on the terminal. The prompt was too long so I broke it over 2 lines.

1st is username, path, time. 2nd is current git branch.

Having time in the prompt has been a very helpful thing for me over the years. It lets me see roughly how long it took something to run, when i wasn't planning on timing it, but it took longer than expected.

Why I'm bothering with such an endeavor is covered in the first entry:

but since then I feel like I can add "and i'm learning SO MUCH about how languages work"

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As I've mentioned, I've been working on a new programming language.

For those curious about such an endeavor: I've started keeping a dev diary and posting it at

I also finally chose a name for the language (Tuplet).

It's still early days, and it's not even close to usable, but the grammar's gotten pretty complete and it's been a really educational experience.

it would be really nice if my laptop would stop crashing when i plug or unplug thunderbolt things while it sleeps

I have now cancelled my Adobe subscription for the 3rd time.

I have no idea if it will take. I tried to chat with a person and they never responded despite the system saying i was connected to someone.

I tried to call them on their 800 number and it refused to connect.

Devs using Asciinema's svg output: It's an nightmare, but it's a FIXABLE one (until asiinema gets off their but and fixes their output)

This pr from the folks behind the fd command line tool has a comment in the first file that shows how:

They're also the first project I've reported this to who have gotten off their butts and fixed it.

once again, i have started the day by nerdsniping myself with a shell script 🤦‍♀️

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I feel like there's something very wrong with this picture. Like, what poor life decision led me to end up in this place?

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I wrote about being a disabled cyclist and how my e-bike saves me on a regular basis. The government can do more to make it ok to use a bike as a mobility aid


org-roam doesn't seem to want me to make new daily entries. Isn't that fun.

I've been on the fence about continuing to use org-roam. Overall I like it, but it's got these weird edge cases where it'll forget a file and you can't convince it to believe it exists, and now this.

I don't _want_ to hunt for another org-based note taking system. I know there are lots of good competitors but I've got better things to do with my limited time.

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TikTok from a VR YouTube person. It’s amazing and incredible just how much space, effort, and money she’s had to dedicate to this endeavor . I hope she’s actually making a decent living after all this

antivaxxers hurting kids 

FYI The anti-vaxers have brought Polio back to the US, and the first victim is a kid who is now paralyzed.

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‘Equitable requirements’, not ‘adjustments’ and ‘accommodations’!

We shouldn’t be apologetic about asking to be treated fairly ♾✊🏻

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