it warms the cockles of my heart* to see this our wee serve slowly expanding with nice folks. :D

* if you know what cockles are, you also know that this is an _extremely_ strange idiom.

@ChrisHouhoulis i must admit, that feels a little anticlimactic. 🤔 Maybe we should make up a story about robbing bands of trainee barbers.

@drq @aral yeah. hard choice. There are ivory tower idealistic choices, and then there are practical ones.... :/

@drq @aral trying to understand: Is the implication here that linux is officially adding support for hobbled CPUs that you need to pay additional money _after_ buying to unlock features of?

today i learn that the lack of a "quote tweet" equivalent on Mastodon was an intentional decision.

Blog post explaining it:

GitHub thread arguing for and against it:

I agree there's a potential for abuse, and misuse. At the same time being able to say "Mary posted this great thing, and here are my thoughts about it" is pretty nice. Ditto for starting side-discussion w/o polluting the reply chain.

How to register an Inernationalized Domain Name.

A blog post I put together after yesterday's multi-hour fiasco of attempting to register one. Hopefully it'll save someone else the same pain.

What is the benefit to using a federated blogging platform like plume or writefreely? Yes, folks could follow it in mastodon and be notified when I post, & that's good, but why / how is it notably better than me just posting a link here to a non-federating blog?

I assume some mastodon(ish) clients could read the whole post inline, but I'm not sure that's much of a benefit.

it worked!

They seem... acceptable. They want to charge for privacy (🍆 move, but typical). Their UI is... meh, but not terrible.

So, in 60 days I'll transfer my new domain over to hover. You can't transfer any domain before then for... 🤷‍♀️ presumably some fraud prevention.

I'd point you to it but it just redirects so you wouldn't see it. I'll figure out what to do with it later.

Show thread my registrar of choice, fails miserably. also failed, but gave me a clue. There was an error about needing to specify character set. However, they don't let you specify it for .com, but they do for _other_ TLDs. ?! Punycode doesn't need this to work, so i dunno why it's a thing.

So, I googled another registrar. I found who claimed to support the コム tld (japanese translation of .com). THAT was promising. Not only IDN domains BUT TLDs !

So i gave it a shot

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TIL that "internationalized domain names" have progressed far enough that they actually show up / get converted automatically in Firefox & chrome when you visit a site with one & you can enter a unicode domain into the url and it does the magic conversion to "punycode" under the covers and "just works". You can use a "punycode converter" to convert your unicode to the ASCII thing you need to register.

I ALSO learned that it's nigh-fucking impossible to actually register one.

Spent a hour or more with a staff dev i really respect. Tried many things including multiple forms of “turn it off again”. Nothing worked.

Protobuffers are, in fact, the devil.

Ultimately decided it was end of day on a Friday of a long weekend, so we should back away and see if it fixes itself by Tuesday.

Because… why not. 🤷‍♀️

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@snobahr @dachary on top of that, almost everything we build these days is built on top of frameworks on top of libraries on top of frameworks on top of who knows what.

Basically you take the coding knowledge that was relevant in BASIC and use it to connect lego pieces. Many of those pieces from different systems/frameworks that each require multiple books to fully explain.

@snobahr @dachary having started with basic, i can confidently say, that no, there's no world in which you "should" understand what she's saying.

It's... it's a _completely_ different world. the binary is about the only thing that hasn't notably changed. Assembly's mostly abandoned in favor of intermediary byetcode written for virtual machines.

continuing to build up evidence in support of my theory that protobuffers are, in fact, the devil.

and that the people who wrote the ruby protobuffer library should have not been allowed within 100 meters of a ruby codebase.

musk + idiocy 

@cobie he was talking about population. Pretty sure that makes it even _more_ dumb.

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