re many of @web3isgreat 's posts (especially this last one about Kim Kardashian):

I really don't understand how our government can simultaneously claim that crypto isn't money AND ask for taxes on it AND claim that by buying it, you're investing in a security.

Like, either it is, or is not, a financial instrument. I don't care which, I just wish they'd pick one.

I'm sure i'm missing something obvious, but 🤷‍♀️ ...

@bright_helpings re low numbers of braille readers.

Do you suspect that this is because of computers eliminating the perceived need, because of poor braille education offerings, or something else?

in an effort to improve performance, a policy has been put in place a policy which is superficially quite reasonable.

However, if you spend any time thinking about what needs to be done to best satisfy said policy, it's quite obvious that it'll harm overall team performance.

I wish i could say more, but ... just ARRGH WHY DON'T PEOPLE USE THEIR BRAINS 🧠?!

I released another module today: Listicles

It’s a collection of convenience methods for Array.

Based on a lib I’ve been copying from project to project in Scheme + a few other things. More to add when I get more time.

related, while somehow managing to be in the top 4% of Stack Overflow users (by reputation) I have no gold badges. Apparently I need to provide an answer to a question that scores more than 100 upvotes to earn my first.

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Sometimes i wish Stack Overflow had an "Award" system like Reddit. Some responses, like that one, really deserve more than a simple upvote.

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Found a very nice Stack Overflow explanation of "our" vs "my" in which concludes with a very nice "rule-of-thumb" to use going forward.

Side note: I thought “should be easy”. I looked up how Ruby did it, and it was this elegant little thing.

It took me HOURS to deconstruct, learn how unpack actually works (mostly), and then poke with a stick until I found the right stuff to feed into Blob to get unpack to produce the same results.

Also, had to wade through multiple incorrect regular expressions people provided in various languages to verify them.

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Released another lib.


Why? LibUUID required a dynamic library that didn’t exist on my Mac, and thus I couldn’t trust it as a dependency for other Mac users.

@silverspookgames Pretty sure the PuertoRican's should get first dibs at that. ;)

Work discussion resulted in me asking for "a happy dog who has smoked too much weed"

this was the result.

TIL that while HomeKit is totally capable of turning my office lights on, Shortcuts is completely INcapable of telling it to do so. It just times out every time.

TIL there's a wonderfully bullshit side-effect to having Universal Control turned on on your macs.

the clipboard doesn't work as you'd expect. It doesn't copy over the clipboard as your mouse moves between devices. It copies over your clipboard WITH EVER COPY. So whatever you left on the clipboard on your "other" computer is going to get replaced even if you NEVER mouse over to it.

@soapdog I feel like when I left there was promising work in Golang, and there were a couple really creative alternative clients that people had started working on.

I'm happy about the mobile clients getting more robust and I assume others have had better luck with them than me.

@soapdog I figured patchwork still probably worked, but having the primary client for a network being archived a year ago and no obvious replacement... (and i recognize this isn't your responsibility / fault) doesn't make new users feel like this esoteric network is worth spending time exploring.

my personal knowledge that it's been "mostly" abandoned for much longer than that doesn't make my feelings better.

@soapdog I dunno what's going on in these days but from the outside it feels as if all the developers gave up and wandered off.

There are 2 iOS clients and I've never gotten either of them to work correctly, or at all. Plus the protocol's download requirements are not very compatible with iOS's backgrounding restrictions.

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Went to reinstall after being off for a while.

patchwork client's archived and abandoned
"cutting edge" patchbay hasn't been touched in years

so i go to run @soapdog 's Patchfox, which i liked, but it needs ssb-server (browser limitation) from one of those or from npm.

i install it from npm.

i try and run ssb-server. "error loading sodium bindings" and then error finding manifest.json which gets created the first time it's run, but it hasn't run yet so it doesn't exist.

@soapdog Missed you too. was happy to see your mastodon link. Been ok (ups and downs at work). Avoided covid so far. Found in a nice house with some land , and that helped with stress levels.

How about you?

@xjix @soapdog

I frequently find references to useful resources, and learn things from people in the comments.

I think there are a lot of indie devs who participate on the site and i can ignore the VC stuff.

yes, there are idiotic arguments (like the zero indexing one) but i just scroll until i get to the next top-level comment on a different topic. The mysoginistic BS is endemic in our industry so... no escaping that. :/

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