another morning, another bug from not checking what happens at large font sizes.

I decided to go get breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts today. As I went to get in the car I felt something dangling in my crotchal region, looked down, and realized I was still wearing the carabiner from the dog walk.

musk + idiocy 

I don't understand how so many people can continue to think this man's a genius.

🔫s + US 

The Onion's cover page showing ALL the time's they've run the same story in response to yet another mass shooting in the US really puts it in perspective and is just effing depressing.

On the other hand, making ANY changes to our constitution with THIS administration sounds disturbing as !@$#> Like "hey, maybe we get rid of this 'separation of church and state' thing" level disturbing. Because there are republicans LITERALLY campaigning on the claim that the church should be in control.

twitter& musk & tesla & inevitability 

Oh, it gets better 😸

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twitter & musk & inevitability 

Bwahahaha 😹🤦‍♀️

another day, another bug. This morning's is courtesy of Digital Ocean

The young dog has been stealing my used underwear and bringing it into the guest bedroom upstairs while we sit downstairs at work

4th issue of the day. Text overflowing its bounding box.

I swear i'm not even _trying_ to find these. I'm just going about my normal day.

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2nd bug of the day: Slack (at 200% font size) cuts off the top and bottom of the text snippet dialog. This includes the submit button AND the close window button. 🤦‍♀️

because people keep specifying things in pixels instead of relative meausurements I have to deal with this crap.

Line height should be specified in ex, font-size in em or rem


Today it is 90deg. F out and i am so very VERY thankful for the privilege that enabled us to install mini-splits in our house last year.

This was my longest ride yet. There was a lot of trails and dirt roads.

The squiggly path and highly variable speed is indicative of me working towards a goal of riding literally every path and cut-through at the local college.

All of today’s pretty pictures and discoveries are from there too.

It’s a VERY pretty campus, but you’ve got to be rich or lucky to afford to go there.

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As i exited the chair i noticed this well placed copse of trees

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