Side note: I thought “should be easy”. I looked up how Ruby did it, and it was this elegant little thing.

It took me HOURS to deconstruct, learn how unpack actually works (mostly), and then poke with a stick until I found the right stuff to feed into Blob to get unpack to produce the same results.

Also, had to wade through multiple incorrect regular expressions people provided in various languages to verify them.

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Work discussion resulted in me asking for "a happy dog who has smoked too much weed"

this was the result.

I don't use XCode directly. I'm not a Swift dev. But Apple's trying to install a beta version?!

I'm reasonably confident I never signed up for beta versions of it.

I went spelunking in the Jira API. It's arguably worse than Reddit's "we only have two tables" bullshit.

there are _some_ reasonable keys, but mostly you have to spelunk in this crap.

Worse, there's no reasonable API to get what you want (like, open issues for a user). Instead it's "insert a custom JQL string as a query param" but like REALLLY custom, to the specific jira instance and user's project(s).

nice to see that is all set up to trivially migrate a repo from many other hosts. From github it can handle wiki, labels, issues, pull requests, releases, & milestones. Although, not if you're just creating a mirror. No-one seems to have written a solution to syncing all those continuously.

Well THIS has improved dramatically since the last time i had to do it. Was drop dead simple to get a new copy of Raspbian on my SD card.

here's an example: all of these mysteriously get wonky around the butt

I think this also helps explain why is so bad at full body silhouettes of the human form.

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well this is new & cool. 1 password can now record what 3rd party login you used to log in to some other site.

VERY useful for me because we use a bunch of tools with SSO and a bunch without and it's never clear what login method i'm supposed to use on which site.

Another day, another employer question that's none of their damn business. New HR system has "Self-identified Gender" as a pulldown with these options.

i !#@$ hate these things. In their defense the US Govt. forces employers to report gender and _guess_ if nothing is supplied. (not kidding). If nb folks don't specify then non-binary folks get under-represented in Govt. related decisions.

Never-the-less i hate this and do not want to participate.

GitHub's REST API was limiting, and poorly designed, but at least it had documentation for the major features. This is what GitHub apparently thinks is acceptable documentation for their GraphQL API.

basically: "fuck it. figure it out yourself"

another discovery about midjourney. It has absolutely no concept of what a "well" is. I wasn't 100% confident in this until i asked it specifically to create an image of "a stone well"

here's what it gave me.

To its credit, they're all very pretty, even if none of them are wells.

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here's another nice variant of the image.... that I don't know what to do with.

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on the topic of , I had to generate over 100 images to get to this good one (first image) but to get there I had to pass through a lot of disturbing inhuman distortions (2nd 4-up image).

I really like the 1st image, but i have no idea what to do with it because it absolutely does not fit with the world-building character i started to create it for.

from my AI art problem article.

went down while writing it, and when it came back I contributed to todays "theme" of "echo" by asking it for

"echoes of a time when midjourney was down and the people found themselves with lost and wandering"

I absolutely love the results. These unexpected beautiful random explorations are what make Midjourney so wonderful to play with.

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appears to be getting better at inserting actual readable text into an image. Just saw someone make "taco stand cyberpunk" and it came out looking like this, which for the current batch of AIs is amazing.

My question is, how did it decide "taco stand" was the text to emulate and not "cyberpunk"? Are certain words "tagged" as context not content?

of course, it's notable that the stand appears to be selling pancakes not tacos.

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