today is my 1 year anniversary at Dutchie.

Looking back at that year: I don't agree with a fair number of the choices, and there's a constant demand for more transparency from our C-levels, and pay transparency.

In the end though, it's good people who are _happy_ to reach across group boundaries and help each other.

Have realized that working remote is great for my mental health, but hampers coworker understanding of what my brain is trying to communicate.


If you're looking for a good job, are in the US or Canada, and are 👍 with the idea of cannabis legalization in the US then you could do a lot worse than working for Dutchie.

I will admit, I still find it very ... awkward to have coworkers speaking openly, at work, in public channels, comparing bongs, pipes, and such, or the different highs they get from different forms of Cannabis.

Too many years of bullshit propaganda in the US still affecting my brain.

@masukomi i do systems admin variety stuff, light programming (mostly ops scripting type tasks), are there job openings for remote?


all our openings are remote friendly (most of us are remote since COVID, and intend to stay that way). Alas, while we definitely have folks who do what you do, it doesn't look like they're hiring for that at the moment:

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