Google Chrome fail

a) presuming they know what the largest font a user will need is.

b) if the user needs a 72 point font THEY NEED A 72 POINT FONT, yet the minimum can be as low as 24, which would be unreadable to that person.


c) 72 and 24 are both designated as "huge" on these scales but if you scroll the top one left then 24 is like "medium"

d) making people feel bad for needing a "huge" font.

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... er, to clarify C... they can't BOTH be "huge" either 72 is huge or 24 is huge but you're literally measuring the same thing (font size) so you can't have the same thing be 2 different sizes.

This cow? this cow is HUGE!!! 2 seconds later... This same cow is a medium cow. !"@$#>! pick a descriptor and stick with it.

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