Coworker shared the "gum" tool from the folks behind the "Charm" utilities.

What's especially cool about this is that unlike most of their other cool things, this one isn't Go specific. You can leverage it in shell scripts from bash and other languages too.

Anyone who writes little utility / convenience scripts for themself should check it out.

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@masukomi This looks cool! I think it may lower the barrier to writing convenience scripts, more than just appeal to people who are already prone to doing so 😀

@ChrisHouhoulis I would like to think so, but i don't think the real hurdle is difficulty of writing them. I think anyone who writes code for a living could do so in whatever their favorite language is.

I think the problem is that people don't even have the initial idea of "this would be easier if i wrote a script" or even the preceding thought of "wow this is frustrating/annoying"

that being said, if it became trivial to write TUI tools, they would become more prevalent, and thus they might also become things folks would be more inclined to use, and thus think about, and thus make.

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