There was this sweet video that got reposted on the autism subreddit about a woman who'd made a beautiful tiny house in her back yard for her autistic brother with, we can infer, medium to high support needs.

There was this quick comment about how they'd set up Alexa to remind him of tasks, and how he responded to her just like he responded to the sister....

Why are autistic people the only ones who are nice to the robots? Why are we the only ones who treat inanimate objects with kindness?

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when Terminator finally becomes reality, the bots will round us all up for safe-keeping, and then start wiping out the allistics.

Not that being "protected" by homicidal murder robots would be good, but...

Also, I have to acknowledge here that I'm not nice to Siri, but that's because Siri is fucking terrible and hasn't been improved in ANY noticeable way in the 11 years since her introduction. Useful yes, but OMG frustrating to use.

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