Being ADHD there are always additional thoughts related to the comment you're leaving. For years these have been subthoughts in parens (like this but longer) shoved into the middle of sentences that probably also have multiple thoughts in them.

I'm trying to get away from that pattern & switch to footnotes†. Rocket‡ lets me do :emoji-words: everywhere. Things are getting more readable for folks.

† like this


on of the reasons I specifically call out Rocket is because i'm generally leaving comments in GitHub or Slack or other systems where asterisk either means "oh hey, i'll make that a bullet point!" or "i see you're starting to bold/italicize a thing..."

And, escaping it like this \* frequently results in the thing displaying \* because 🤦‍♀️

So I can't use asterisks for footnotes like a normal person. But also, now i can have multiple footnotes because † & ‡ &... i'm not sure what comes next.

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