This weekend brought _massive_ changes to how rtest works, and some minor visual changes. I'm going to live with it for a week or so before i cut a new version but RSpec is... far less consistent than i would hope in how it provides information, so I'm expecting that there are some edge cases I haven't seen yet.

I'd love it if any of you would be willing to kick the tires of the code on the "next" branch & provide feedback or bug reports.

annnnd.... that's why you don't release things immediately folks.

rtest 2.0 beta worked beautifully in all my tests at home just hangs on my tests of work code. 🤔

this is most likely to do with the PTY interaction stuff which is... nigh-impossible to write tests for.

the new version is even more untestable because it's not just parsing output. It's actually integrating with RSpec so i need a test harness for my test harness... and tests that cause it to blow up appropriately. Ugh.

I'm starting to think rtest might not of been hanging. The tests might have just been taking a really 👏long 👏time.

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