TIL that if you see a cat walking around with an orange collar you should take note because it's a cat that's not supposed to be outside.

Were you aware of this?

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@masukomi if I may ask, why orange in particular? Is it some kind of sign? Maybe we don't have it in here, sorry 😳

@elialeth I asked the same question. I dunno if this is the absolute origin of the idea but it's AN origin

I think from an awareness standpoint orange makes a lot of sense because not many folks use it as style choice for color colors AND it's about as visible as you're likely to be able to get without going to high-vis colors.

@masukomi That makes a lot of sense tbh! Thank you so much!!

@elialeth @masukomi don't quote me on this but:
- i recall an Oatmeal comic that wanted to spread this
- i believe the colour was a joke about the cat being an "escaped convict" (due to american prisoners wearing orange)

@certifiedperson @elialeth

Someone had mentioned it at work but i thought it was just a joke comic about them acting like convicts. just reread, and you're right it's actually trying to promote the idea for cat safety. It's an entertaining infographic thing.

the comic

@masukomi @elialeth yeah that's the one!!

Also thanku for finding it! I've just recently woken up and am on 6hrs sleep so was too lazy to go hunting for it lol

@certifiedperson @masukomi ooh thank you so much to you both!!! This is actually very interesting!

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