I have to write OKRs for work (objectives and key results). They want them to be things that’ll inspire and push us to do More! Better! work.

> Is it ambitious and inspiring enough? Is this describing my daily tasks or job responsibilities? If yes, think beyond your everyday!

I’ve been doing this 💩for ~27 yrs. I just want to sit and code, and share my what I’ve learned along the way. That’s it.


> If personal development, is this something that will get me to the next phase in my career?

What? No! The next phase of my career is retiring. I’ve intentionally gone BACK DOWN the career ladder because I don’t need that stress. Being “just a developer” is my happy place and it pays “enough”.

Also I never understand when I’m expected to work on these objectives. Like, there’s more than enough of the coding I was hired for to fill my days. When am I supposed to fit these in?

My brain is fighting this so hard. Watching video about what they want, and trying to focus, and it’s like “you should tweak that thing in the config to see if it fixes the bug again”

Also, omg these ADHD drugs are useless.

> is it inspiring enough? Is it going to get you out of bed every day and be excited?

There is no scenario in which an OKR is going to have that effect on me. They (and other co’s) are incredibly unlikely to be willing to pay me for anything I consider “exciting” or that “gets my juices flowing”

My job’s interesting, but let’s be honest about things. This is just a job. I exchange my time for their money. Hopefully they get sufficient value out of the deal to continue the arrangement.

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