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KDE has voted to make accessibility one of its main goals for the next three years! That's pretty great! #a11y #kde

Castopod is a self-hosted podcasting tool that just came up on HN. Multiple people were saying negative things about it because it's PHP or they disagreed with it's coding style.

I feel like "STFU! you're not going to write the damn thing. They've made a nice looking tool, that solves a problem. Who cares as long as it works and doesn't blow up all the time?!"

Coworker mentioned having used Remix on a recent project.

After reading their home page I'm offically NOT a fan.

a) bs about waiting for static site builds. They're almost instant with Hugo.
b) "built on web fetch api (instead of node)"

I'm no fan of node, but that's like saying "we built it in the US instead of using C++" it's... a fucking nonsensical statement.

i spent hours tonight with an error that was telling me that my

method foo($a, $b, $c) {...}

method had 4 arguments and that when i called it with

foo("this", "that", "other")

i was in error because i wasn't passing it 4.

I still have no idea why it was complaining, or how I was able to make it stop.

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lots of complicated thoughts about tonight.

I think i was encountering the problem of the language being "helpful" and having lots of baked in assumptions that are really frustrating for a newb.

I still don't understand why some class methods i can call with .foo but some MUST be called with and despite the claims that unhelpful error messages are a "bug" there are a LOT of unhelpful error messages. Or, they're unhelpful to newbs.

Halloween decorations seen in Decatur near Emory and the CDC.

via Everything Georgia on Twitter:

coworker recommended Cron calendaring app.
from their blog:

> I couldn’t be happier to announce that Cron has been acquired by Notion... Nothing changes for existing users

There is strong historical evidence that based on those words, we can confidently say that Cron is now a dead-app-walking. And we can start taking bets on the 1-3yr time-window of its ultimate demise.

I was just reminded that yesterday was German Reunification day.

Watching the wall come down was a very emotional moment for me. I can't begin to imagine what it meant to people living in Germany.

Congrats on being some of the best of us since then Germany.

I've put Tim Van den Langenbergh's ob-babel.el on GitHub for those geeks who use and want org-babel support.

I'll try and add it to Melpa this weekend.

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This is your semi-annual reminder to rewatch moonmaster9000 's Lightning talk on "Readme Driven development"

More specifically, to keep in mind their wise statement about what not writing a README says about your relationship to your community.

isn’t just a text editor. With org-mode in the mix it becomes a way of interfacing with your digital life, and you gradually start to want to do everything there because it becomes so custom tailored to how your 🧠 likes things.

- via a work conversation

re many of @web3isgreat 's posts (especially this last one about Kim Kardashian):

I really don't understand how our government can simultaneously claim that crypto isn't money AND ask for taxes on it AND claim that by buying it, you're investing in a security.

Like, either it is, or is not, a financial instrument. I don't care which, I just wish they'd pick one.

I'm sure i'm missing something obvious, but 🤷‍♀️ ...

in an effort to improve performance, a policy has been put in place a policy which is superficially quite reasonable.

However, if you spend any time thinking about what needs to be done to best satisfy said policy, it's quite obvious that it'll harm overall team performance.

I wish i could say more, but ... just ARRGH WHY DON'T PEOPLE USE THEIR BRAINS 🧠?!

I released another module today: Listicles

It’s a collection of convenience methods for Array.

Based on a lib I’ve been copying from project to project in Scheme + a few other things. More to add when I get more time.

related, while somehow managing to be in the top 4% of Stack Overflow users (by reputation) I have no gold badges. Apparently I need to provide an answer to a question that scores more than 100 upvotes to earn my first.

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Sometimes i wish Stack Overflow had an "Award" system like Reddit. Some responses, like that one, really deserve more than a simple upvote.

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Found a very nice Stack Overflow explanation of "our" vs "my" in which concludes with a very nice "rule-of-thumb" to use going forward.

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