"Here's the problem: mildly dynamic functionality…is too minor to be worth bringing in a web application framework, and spawning and maintaining persistent processes just to serve a website."


What do Chuck Wendig, Neil Gaiman, Cory Doctorow, Naomi Klein, Molly Crabapple and 100 others have in common?

They all signed this letter calling the lawsuit against Internet Archive a terrible thing for libraries and something that should be dropped.


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Today’s card is the Six of Swords - a journey, a transition, a hard choice. You need to move forward and doing that means a break with the past. That’s hard to do and my be sad or painful, but it’s necessary too. And when you’re done you’ll be able to look to the future again

i got some water in the lowest parts of the level working, to simulate flooding... it's lovely water tho, with rocks i quickly threw together from blender for the floor. i think there's enough variation in the world to make it interesting to travel through...

Today’s card is The Sun - success, joy, renewal. Leave the grey walls behind you and bask in warmth as you explore the world

“A survey of a million people across 48 countries, published in 2015, indicated that women have significantly lower self-esteem than men. In trying to account for that striking finding, you can either choose to probe the brain’s self-evaluation centres and tell just-so stories about archaic humans, or you can take seriously the fact that every culture has ways of making women feel bad about themselves”

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Reading Gender Trouble 

1999 preface

I originally took my clue on how to read the performativity of gender from Jacques Derrida's reading of Kafka's "Before the Law". There the one who waits for the law, sits before the door of the law, attributes a certain force to the law for which one awaits. The anticipation of authoritative disclosure of meaning is the means by which the authority is attributed and installed: the anticipation conjures the object.

I build and am now running github.com/berthubert/googerte to see when my PC reaches out to Google.

So far so good. In ungoogled-chromium unless I specifically go to a Google site, it's silent.

Firefox, on the other hand, made noise immediately upon being opened, and continues to make periodic bloops just sitting on the new tab page. I have switched my search engine to DDG. If I have nothing open but about:blank, it still makes the periodic bloops.

This blog post really is a good (and harrowing) reflection of how Microsoft is dismantling the developer experience into nothing but a bunch of "services" - for the worse. ghuntley.com/fracture/ (jacky.wtf/2022/8/rJFz)

Get your lo-fi ambient ScotRail beats here! After an odd freedom-of-information request resulting in a two-hour audio clip that has been added to a generator!

Ambient ScotRail Beats

#scotland #scotrail #lofibeats #rail

Getting the World Record in HATETRIS

A fascinating read with lessons far beyond the original problem.


Most non-compete agreements are reasonable: they’re “if you go to work for a competitor, you can’t do so in a way that obviously leverages private info we’ve trusted you with, at least not right away.” I get that.

But I was made an offer today with a non-compete that’s insane: as written, if I signed that, I couldn’t work anywhere in my field for 3 years after quitting. I see bad ones reasonably often, but don’t stand for it!

Unless you are in desperate need, don’t sign hostile non-competes. Tell recruiters that you’d accept the job with a more reasonable non-compete (narrow and short), but you’d need e.g. a year’s salary up front as a signing bonus if they’re going to say you can’t work in your field for a year.

The oldest continuously-inhabited community in the U.S.A. is Acoma Pueblo, where the Acoma people have lived for more than 800 years

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developers: if your manager asked you, "what are your signature strengths?" what would you say?

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